After 15 years in the creative space, she knows a thing or two about design and illustration. Sally Syle is a Melbourne-based graphic designer with a wealth of knowledge for all things creative. She's worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes, starting as an illustrator for a glassware company through to well-known publications with South Down Press, including New Idea, TV Week and Home Beautiful.

Sally is passionate about working with businesses, big and small. Her clients are local as well as Australia wide.

The start of her true obsession with art dates back to primary school lunch-breaks, sneaking into the art studio to find a paint brush and easel, instead of catching up with friends in the playground.

Years on and hundreds of client design projects later, Sally has found her flare in business branding, illustration presentation and magazine design.

Outside of the 9-5, you'll find her enjoying the countryside, vineyards and live music bars and indulging in savoury, not sweet food, locally around the Mornington Peninsula.

More than just art, Sally created three beautiful boys, now in their 20s and is so proud of the men they have become.

Sally is a firm believer in honesty, hard work, respect and kindness. But above all believes "life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans" - John Lennon


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